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Body and Spa Treatments
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Slimming Wrap
Your area of focus is wrapped with an herbal wrap that will melt the inches away while you relax in a soothing atmosphere. You can also add on a foot or hand scrub to feel total body relaxation
~60 minutes $45.00 per area (stomach, legs, back, arms)
~Full body $125
~Add on foot or hand scrub $15
Hot Stone Massage
Allow the deep penetrating heat of the hot stones to loosen and heat the muscles promoting a deep relaxation, and circulation. This is a great way to warm up for the winter.
~60 minutes $90.00
Detox Foot Bath
Your detox treatment is done with an Ionic detox system. You relax while your feet are soaked in an ionic detox foot bath. All while you purify, cleanse and pull toxins from your body. It's also great for relief of arthritis, and allergies.
~30 minutes $40.00
Just Your Feet
Let your feet relax with soothing warm towels, and sugar scrub plus a wonderful foot massage this treatment will leave you walking on clouds.
~30 minutes $45.00
Sugar Scrub
Give yourself that summer glow with a exfoliating sugar scrub, this treatment is removed with sooting warm towels you then get a 30 min massage on your area of focus giving you the glow you deserve.
~60 minutes $75.00
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